Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me

A gorgeous addition to any home is that of an oriental rug. They add character and life a home just however unlike the wall decor and shelf adornments, your oriental rugs receive a large amount of foot traffic. This is because of them being placed in areas of area as decoration. To liven up the space, and protect the flooring from the foot traffic wear and tear, but the carpets need protection also.

Exactly like the other carpets, upholstered furniture, and draperies into your house, oriental rugs trap dirt, allergens, and bacteria within their fibers, preventing them from being spread to other rooms in the home; but your oriental rugs can only keep this up if they’re properly cleaned and maintained. As your home’s HVAC system needs to get its filters replaced, your carpets, upholstered furniture, and oriental rugs also need to be cleaned regularly. The carpet cleaning professionals in CPR Carpet Cleaning provide high quality oriental rug cleaning solutions with a serious focus on attention to detail and care for your rug that will get rid of all the dirt, allergens, and bacteria from the oriental rug and restore it back to its original beauty.

oriental rugs trap dirt

You wouldn’t trust to have your vehicle, a significant investment, to a mechanic that you have not properly vetted, nor would you risk the possibility of having an unqualified person to fix your refrigerator. You would want to have an expert who’s experienced and knowledgeable in that field. Like your car or home appliances, your carpets should be cleaned and handled with a professional carpet cleaner who will give it the attention it deserves.

Let CPR Carpet Cleaning helps maintain your oriental carpets as the day you bought them looking new and vibrant. We’re the carpet cleaning company that you can trust to give your investment. Our years of experience have taught us that sensitive therapy is needed to keep your rugs looking brand new, the fibers of your rug will be cleaned to restore its beauty.

When they are cleaned, rugs need extra care. That’s why we recommend a oriental rug cleaning at one of our rug cleaning facilities that are off-site. At our facility, we can be more comprehensive than with our in-home area rug cleaning service.

Our rug cleaning enables us to remove pet urine stains dirt and odors through our state-of-the-art machines – leaving you with a rug that is clean without the chance of damage.



To clean your oriental rug we pick it up from your house and take it to our rug cleaning plant, where we have state of the art machines to gently clean the rug.

We begin our rug cleaning service by running it through our rug duster. Dirt loosens and removes.

Next, if you have pets, we employ a pet urine therapy to remove any urine odors.

Then, we put your oriental rug in an automated wash tub. Here, paddles gently agitate the rug and our patented cleaning solution gradually lifts any dirt from deep within the fibers.

The rug is removed from the tub and gets a final rinsing to guarantee no cleaning solution is left behind.

Your rug is dried and hung in a climate controlled environment to dry completely.
Finally, we’ll deliver your clean oriental rug back to your dwelling.

What to Expect From a Professional

What to Expect From a Professional

When it’s time to clean your fine or oriental rug, it is essential that it is done right. Typically, you need to leave the job for the professionals, to prevent any potential damage to your rug if it is not taken care of correctly. Professionals like Professional Care Carpet Cleaning have both, the experience and the equipment to look after the cleaning job the right way.

The following information has some reasons to hire a professional for the job:

Inspection And Dye Bleed Testing

 – Your carpets are evaluated and the floor covering colors are assessed for dying. Then your rug is inspected for previous damage which may have occurred. All repairs will be done before washing to help remove any further probability of damage.

Rug Dusting

 – Dusted front and rear. Settlement of residue, sand, or coarseness builds at the framework of your floor covering and reduces the life of an oriental rug by causing more wear. This is an extremely important part when cleaning carpets and it is important to know that it shouldn’t be performed in your dwelling.

Soaking & Hand-Washing

 – A specialist will soak the front and rear with tons of cleanwarm water,while applying it by hand to make sure that there isn’t any damage done.

Thorough Rinsing

 – This process entails rinsing and squeegeeing front and back to remove the rest of the rug shampoo, contaminant, and the particles completely.

Water Extraction And Drying

 – if there’s any remaining water in your carpet, you want to make sure that it is extracted, and a professional support will do this using an extraction vacuum. This will ensure that there is no dripping and your rug is carefully hung to dry in a temperature-controlled area with filtered air-drying conditions.

If you need your fine or oriental rug cleaned professional, give CPR Carpet Cleaning a call today!

Specialist rug cleaning of two antique Persian rugs which were later sold at Bonhams auction for over £80,000.

Rug dusting followed by shampooing, high pressure rinse and extraction (all repeated several times) along with a hand shampoo and groom to lift colours.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me

Oriental Rug Cleaning Near MeOriental Rug Cleaning Near Me

Oriental Rug Cleaning Near Me

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