Oriental Rug Cleaning

The spring cleaning involves vacuuming and brushing of your rug. When it comes to getting rid of loose dirt vacuum cleaners can be quite handy. The primary advantage of this cleaning process is you are not going to have to move the rug around to clean that, additionally, it requires time and uses less effort.

But, bear in mind that a vacuum cleaner can damage your area rug. You have to make sure it isn’t pressed hard. The carpet fibers can be harmed by pressing too hard and let them wear out. Apply from breaking down the gentlest settings to avoid fibers. Your rugs are made from fibers that resemble that of human hair. Use a brush or comb. Brush your rugs after you wash and dry them.

The smaller rugs can be cleaned with the help of gentle detergent at home. Don’t use other harsh chemicals and bleaching agents when cleaning your rug. Ask the sales personnel on how to clean an oriental rug using the detergent about information before you pick a cleaning detergent. Test the cleaning agent on the non-visible portion of the rug to ensure that no quantity of damage will be caused on the oriental rug out.

Making certain your rugs are clean all the time, is undoubtedly the easiest and best way to improve its attractiveness and prolong its life. With time, rugs can collect a lot of dust, dirt, and grime. Dust and dirt may accumulate and get embedded in the silk, wool, or other elements of the area rug. It also poses health hazards if not taken care of the right way, although this does not only dull the color of the rug.

Best Way To Clean An Oriental Rug

How Often To Clean An Oriental Rug

You must observe rug cleaning. Then it is strongly recommended that you clean it every six months, if it is used in a. To ascertain whether or not the rug needs cleaning, put your hand and rub on it. Then you have to visit a respectable rug cleaning company when you find plenty of dust flying off the rug. This test may be used to learn whether or not you want your rugs cleaned.

Professional Rug Cleaning

High and expensive quality handmade oriental rugs or Turkish rugs need professional rug cleaning to make sure their attractiveness and durability. Using harsh and bleach chemicals are not recommended for use on these rugs because they may cause permanent damage to its fibers.

Many companies selling these rugs offer cleaning services to ensure they are kept clean and beautiful . Professional rug cleaning can completely restore your rug elegance, appearance, color, and overall appearance. If you don’t know how to deal with these rugs, it could be best to visit the rug cleaners that are expert in your area to have your rug professionally cleaned.

Cleaning Oriental Area Rug At Home

Cleaning these rug types isn’t a good practice for the costly and high-quality kinds that are made from pure wool or silk. You can, however, clean these cotton and wool rugs that are mixed at home once you have checked on and followed the manufacturer’s instructions. You can start by vacuuming the rug to allow out the particles, then wash it with a gentle detergent and water.

It is dried by air naturally and make certain it is not in contact with direct sunlight. We’ve outlined the steps you may follow if you elect to manually cleaning your rug in your home. These steps are meant for the oriental rug made recall fabric rugs made from silk should be cleaned by you, but instead professionally cleaned by rug cleaners.

Step 1 – Remove the loose dirt

You can remove the dirt by vacuuming your rug. Begin by vacuuming the top part with the support of the suction hand attachment. Turn your rug upside down and thoroughly vacuum the rug entirely. This has to be done as a routine or routine rug cleaning process performed to help lower the level of dirt that frequently gets caught down on the rug’s fibers.

Step 2 – The fringes of oriental rug should not be vacuumed

Your rug will have fringes on its edges; don’t vacuum any of them. When you vacuum these they will be worse or damaged by the bristles while sucking them all up. If you happen to have some fringes caught on the vacuum, just tuck them under the rug, turn it off and carefully remove the fringe to avoid any fringes.

Step 3 – Dusting the carpet

You Make use of a broom handle, can dust your rug by putting it in a position outside your home or mop handle to gently crush the oriental rug off the dirt that gets stuck to the rug. This will emit a lot of dust, so make certain keep it outside your home when dusting and to have a mask .

Step 4 – Vacuum the rug once again

The moment the dust is gotten rid of, your rug need to clean thoroughly to get rid of any dirt or dust that was loosened from the dusting or as indicated in step 3. A repeat vacuuming is meant by this.

Cleaning Oriental Area Rug At Home

Step 5 – Prep the cleaning area

Be certain to clean any dirt or dust in the region that you are cleaning with rug using hose and soap. Have your driveway and put your rug in a area to avoid water.

Step 6 – Wet the carpet

As soon as you put your rug in a area, have it face down on the side. Check the direction of the heap. Then, soak the rug with running water in exactly the exact same direction as the oriental rug stack; you can use a garden hose . Soak as much as possible and the rug.

Step 7 – Shampooing the carpet

Have your bucket filled 3 to 5 gallons, add detergent that is liquid that is mild, and mix it all together. As you see fit, if necessary, you can add detergent. Before you apply it to the 11, test the area. It is also possible to have someone assist you with the cleaning and use a soft-bristled brush to clean your rug. Don’t wash it too hard, as you can cause agitation. Make it a point that the brush bristles are coming in direct contact scrubbing it up and down, forth and back. If needed, repeat and add detergent and water mixture.

Drying an oriental carpet

Step 8 – Rinse and repeat the process

Clean the rug and be certain no detergent is left in the rug. You will have to continue to eliminate the suds. Flip it over and repeat the step above. This time you have to work on the brush to the direction of the heap. Never scrub, or agitate the fiber. It is possible to begin the process once it is thoroughly free from suds.

Step 9 – Drying an oriental carpet

After the suds from the mix have been removed and the rug is completely clean, get rid of the excess water. The moment you are finished squeezing the rug, you can put some towels that are dried and slowly walk or stomp to help absorb moisture or the water in the rug.

When the water has been eliminated by you, take indoors, like the garage, and hang it up to air dry. Either side of your rug will require ample air circulation to dry. It can dry faster. Don’t use heating lamps or light to dry the rug once it’s all dry, as it may get warped and damaged.

Also, do not leave the rug outdoors under direct heat or sunlight for a protracted period of time since it can drastically fade the rug color. It is possible to gently rub your hand or vacuum it once more to get rid of the stiffness after drying. That is one oriental rug!

A treasured rug that smelled bad- Oriental rug cleaning

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oriental rug cleaning from urine odor.
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This Antique oriental rug shipped from the State of Arizona.
To be Clean after the Colt carpet cleaner company cleaned the rug.
What Virginia wrote to me.

A treasured rug that smelled bad

Virginia H

to me
My dear sister passed away and left me many of her lovely antiques.
I knew she loved Oriental rugs, but in looking around, I couldn’t find one I had seen in her library on a previous visit.

Finally, I found the beautiful rug, but I was very puzzled as to where it was stored. She had folded it up and moved it to the corner of her garage.

Nevertheless, I was thrilled to take possession of what I remembered was a valuable, beautiful rug.

As I drove home from California to Arizona with the very heavy folded rug in my SUV, I noticed a putrid smell filling the car.

It dawned on me why my sister had banished the rug to the garage. Her dogs have urinated on the rug, and the smell has become intolerable for my sister.

I then decided I would not take it home without having it cleaned, so I drove directly to Coit rug cleaners in Phoenix and dropped it off.

It was expensive to clean, but I thought I was going to have my sisters a wonderful rug in my home soon.

The smell was much better, and I put it on the floor of my own library to enjoy and remember my dear sister.

After a few months, my housekeeper mentioned she was vacuuming the rug and noticed it had an odor.
I hadn’t noticed anything in particular and so just dismissed the idea.

A few months passed, and I went traveling for three weeks on business. When I returned home and walked in my home it “hit” me. The smell was definitely coming from my sister’s rug.

I now know that in living with the rug I had become used to the smell. I was shocked that I hadn’t noticed that terrible stench.
Houseguests and visitors must have been noticing it for some time and I was unaware.

What failed with the cleaning I had done in Phoenix? How disappointing.

So, this morning I scoured the internet and looked at advertising videos and YouTube demonstrations by companies all over the Country.
Arizona has several companies that claim to remove pet odors. After watching and comparing all the videos, I was not convinced they would do a good job removing the pee smell and guarantee their work.

When I saw and listened to Meir Martin and his company Pet Pee Pee I knew he would give my rug the best cleaning and care.

I was glued to his presentations as he used special organic minerals from The Dead Sea and I watched how the minerals washed through the rug fibers and vacuumed them out the back. His patterned vacuum technique was the only method that ran the used solution THROUGH the rug and then into the tubing until the water was clear indicating the rug was free of all the pee and odor.
Wow!!! This looked like the odor and dirty pee accumulating from years of dog traffic (and worse) would be cleaned at last.
And guess what? Pet Pee Pee guarantees it.

They are nationwide with UPS pick up.
I texted Mr. Martin a photo, and he texted me back in ten minutes. He gave me a price and told me the weight, and also told me something about my rug.

I followed Mr. Martin’s video on folding and bagging for shipping. That same day UPS came to the door and off it went 3,000 miles to Florida.
My home is already smelling better.

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Cleaning

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