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Pet pee deposited on any carpet doesn’t stay there. It penetrates the fibres and contaminates the flooring material below the carpeting and the backing. Mostly, pets urinate always on rugs at the same location. Odour may also permeate in the track strip, or in the framework of the home, be it wood or cement from the ground. When urine dries, the liquid may evaporate but the pee crystals may become concentrated and even more pungent. Simple cleaning isn’t an solution to this problem and won’t have the ability to eliminate the odour.

You Will Need to address two main components to eliminate urine odours:

  • Crystalline salt deposits
  • Bacterial growth

Among the urine ingredients is acid. Mostly, it leaves the body as an acid with a pH of approximately 5-6. If it begins to dry, there’s a change in its hydrogen content leading to the formation of crystalline salts that takes on an alkaline pH.

eliminate urine odours

The color change you see on a rug occurs mainly because the pet pee oxidises and reacts with the carpet fibres. A strong ammonia odor emanates from the carpeting as cat or dog pee goes through bacterial and chemical modifications.

Usually bacteria develops in places that are both dark and warm. Breakdown and the growth of pee lead to the creation of amino acids. These are compounds that often work deep within the carpet fiber and also in most of the situations become the region of the fiber. This can be a difficult situation.

The cat or dog urine can become a big problem when some moisture is added (through the cleaning of the carpet), or in areas with high humidity. The salts in urine present in the carpet fibres absorbs water and moisture and puts out lots of ammonia gas when this happens. Compounds also releases large amounts of ammonia gas. That’s why it is so common for urine odours to”pop up” during or after you have cleaned your carpet with urine spots. We can improve or eliminate the pet urine odour based on your level of tolerance.

Pet Urine Odour Removal Services

Pet Urine Odour Removal Services

At CPR Carpet Cleaning we provide restoration services that include treatments consisting of:

  • We can also do a pee neutralising treatment on the carpet surface. Bacterial treatment of your carpeting will improve their odour.

  • How can baking soda remove pet odors?

    Sodium bicarbonate won’t remove all odors, but it will bond with more volatile fatty acids (a frequent byproduct of many spoiled foods and fermented plant oils / animal fats) and convert these acids into more inert and less damaging compounds. This is why storing an open box of baking soda in a refrigerator or freeze is such a common household practice.

    As lots of the biological sources of odor contained in pee are fatty acids, like metabolizing fats and proteins, many pheromones, and sex hormones, baking soda can be quite effective at eliminating urine based pet odors and can help decrease the possibility of pets returning to mark the same spot. Which is handy if you host a lot of pet friends, foster animals or operate a dog friendly photography studio.

    So, you can probably appreciate why a cleaning technique that produces baking soda as a natural byproduct of cleaning, might be a helpful alternative to the trace amounts of mustard gas which hydrogen peroxide based methods might likely produce instead.

    How to clean pet urine like a pro

    There are a lot of pet products on the market touting themselves as all-in-one solutions. While many works amazingly well in a pinch (reacting quickly is obviously the best option), I have never found one that works quite as well as our tried-and-true multi-step method.

    Items and cleaning products you will need:

  • Time needed: 12 hours.

    Please note, as with any solvent based cleaning product, be sure to check your spray on a less conspicuous area, as an ammonia based spray may damage or discolor the material you’re intending to clean.

    1. Ventilate the area

    Open a window and use a fan to divert air out of your dwelling. Optimally, the fan should be pulling air in from another room to the mess and out the window. In case you have two lovers, put the second one in the window blowing out air.

    Continue ventilating the space through All the following steps. Good ventilation will help include any free floating particles and scents, help in the drying process, and will help dissipate any toxic fumes which may emerge from cleaning.

    2. Remove all sound mess or pooling fluids

    If you are also dealing with dog poop or vomit, make sure anything which may be picked up gets picked up and disposed of safely. If there’s a large amount of puddling, ensure that’s soaked up as well before proceeding.

    3. Spray the area with Windex

    Spray the soiled area liberally with Windex until it is noticeably moist to the touch.

    4. Pad dry with paper towels

    The area doesn’t have to be bone dry, but you ought not have the ability to”ring-out” any bubbles or fluid when pressing into the carpeting.

    5. Spray again and repeat padding

    Rinse and repeat. Enough said.

    6. Apply baking soda paste

    Pack the baking soda paste you ready earlier deep into the impacted area.

    7. Sprinkle even more baking soda

    Rugs and carpets are virtual pet odor magnets – even on less messy days. Therefore, if you are going to need to clean up the place mess, you might as well clean / deodorize the surrounding area as you’re at it. Liberally sprinkle baking soda powder around the soiled area and across the entirety of your carpet or carpet.

    8. Let the mixture dry immediately

    We find it best to let the mixture dry for many hours, typically overnight. Again, the mixture doesn’t have to be bone dry. It just needs a chance to set and bond with the mess.

    9. Vacuum the area

    Eliminate the caked on paste. With any luck the bulk of your clutter and odors will be removed with the paste.

    10. Reapply the baking soda paste and brush

    Apply paste liberally to the impacted and brush the area. For smaller spots, use a hand brush using a down, in and up motion – like you’re whisking an egg. For bigger soiled areas, use a push brush, scrubbing the mess to the edge of the area.

    Both of these techniques should help pull up the mess and out of the cloth, rather than grind it deeper into the rug, carpet or couch.


Act fast to reduce the risk of stains and odors

We hope you don’t have to use our tips to cleanup dog urine in your own house. But if you do, we hope that you found our clean up and pet odor eliminating advice helpful. Bear in mind, the faster you can respond to a home training accident the easier it’ll be to minimize the possibility of long term stain or odor damage.

Which is why we strongly suggest stocking up on cleaning supplies before an incident occurs. It is always better to be prepared and not need to wash, then to be forced to deal with a puddle of urine suddenly and not be prepared. 

Non toxic DIY formula to remove pet odor an stains from carpet and mattresses. Works!!

You will need-

  • water
  • vinegar
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • dish soap
  • baking soda
  • firm bristle brush
  • terry cloth towels

First, if the stain is wet soak up any excess liquid using your terry cloth towel, paper towel or wet/dry vac.

Mix half water and half white vinegar and soak the stain. Make sure to go an inch or so around the stain to ensure removing all odor. Leave for a few minutes, then soak up excess moisture.

Add a thick (at least quarter inch) layer of baking soda.

Mix together hydrogen peroxide and dish soap. For every cup of peroxide needed, add a teaspoon of dish soap. Apply liberally.

Using your firm bristle brush, work the mixture into the stain.

Let sit for 15 minutes then soak up excess liquid.

Finally, let dry. This can take several hours to all night so be patient. When it’s completely dry take your brush and break up any clump. Vacuum the area. You’re done! There should be no stain or oder left.

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